Celebrating Over Forty Years of Support

Celebrating Over Forty Years of Support

On October 22, 2016, the Dunnville Hospital & Healthcare Foundation (DHHF) celebrates 42 years of supporting healthcare in our community. Beginning as the Haldimand War Memorial Hospital Foundation in 1974, eleven dedicated individuals helped establish the tradition of supporting quality healthcare.

Haldimand War Memorial Hospital truly is a community hospital, with its humble beginning in 1920. The original building was donated by local resident, F.R. Lalor. The construction, subsequent renovations of the existing hospital, the sun room addition, a new Primary Healthcare Centre, a CT scanner and other new state-of-the-art equipment and much more have all been made possible through our community and your support to local healthcare.

Over the years, the Foundation has changed its name to the Dunnville Hospital Foundation and in 1998, to the Dunnville Hospital & Healthcare Foundation. While many changes have occurred over the years, the original commitment to the provision of quality care has remained consistent.

Doug Madill, DHHF Board Member for 32 years joined the Board in 1984 and remembers well the late Howard Ellis Brown, one of the Founding Fathers, say “What is your goal?”, continually challenging the Board and the community to raise the bar a little higher. Currently, 15 members of the community reside on the Board of Directors that govern the Foundation and accept the challenge to raise the bar higher in support of our Hospital every day.

A huge thank you to our community for your generous contributions over the years, which have established and continued to ensure the availability of quality healthcare services. With your willingness to help, the Dunnville Hospital & Healthcare Foundation is able to help support the growing needs of the Haldimand War Memorial Hospital and local healthcare in our community.

For more information on how to contribute to a new Emergency Department at Haldimand War Memorial Hospital, click the donate button below or call 905-774-2529.

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