New Emergency Department

New Emergency Department

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We are thrilled to announce we have broke ground and construction will begin this summer. If you weren’t able to attend our Ground-Breaking Ceremony, please watch the video below.

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We’ve partnered with the Haldimand War Memorial Hospital to support a brand new, larger and more technologically advanced Emergency Department right here in our community. The current Emergency Department was built in 1978 to accommodate 12,000 patients’ annually. It is now too small and poorly configured to effectively and safely managed the 25,000 patients treated last year.

The Emergency Department redevelopment will offer residents from our County and surrounding areas access to a state-of-the-art department with an increased diagnostic and treatment area designed with confidentially in mind. The spaces have been specifically designed to improve patient flow, safety and security.

Some of the current challenges we experience will be resolved through redevelopment such as:

  • Overcrowding exists with only 2550 square feet available
  • One public washroom to serve patient and visitor capacity in this department
  • Visibility from nursing station is restricted
  • Waiting room is difficult to view and does not provide enough space for patients
  • No designated private triage area
  • General privacy is limited and difficult to provide
  • Isolation is limited and insufficient to accommodate current protocols
  • Ambulance access is through a busy parking lot and shared entryway with ambulatory patients
  • Private areas for grieving and counselling are non-existent


A new Emergency Department will help us to maintain acceptable wait times, our patients will be triaged, diagnosed and either treated or transferred to partnering hospital for higher acuity treatments. Dunnville Hospital & Healthcare Foundation supports HWMH’s vision to provide the best care, every person, every time.

The new facility will have:

  • 7,146 square feet available, almost three times larger than the current 2,550 square feet available
  • Ten patient treatment areas, compared to the current seven
  • Twelve strechers, compared to the current seven
  • Enhanced sightlines to treatment areas from the nurse’s station
  • An enclosed ambulance bay, with a decontamination room off the bay
  • An isolation and resuscitation room
  • Five public washrooms, compared to one currently
  • A quiet room for nurses and physicians to counsel family members or deliver news in privacy
  • A hospital lab and education center on the second floor

The current department will be fully functional during construction. Once the new ED is in use, the current department will be transformed into an “Outpatient Village,” including wide variety of public and specialist services.

We know that about every 20 minutes or more someone is in need of care in our Emergency Department. That could be you, a loved one, a neighbor, a friend…together we can give and raise the needed support required to build this very important aspect of our hospital care. Many think an Emergency Department is built with concrete, glass and steel and, although this is true, this project can only be completed with the compassionate and generous spirit of the community.