Your Impact

Your gifts matter - a lot!

Since 1974, the Dunnville Hospital & Healthcare Foundation has continuously raised thousands of dollars a year for the Haldimand War Memorial Hospital and, more recently, Edgewater Gardens. Every single dollar has been made possible thanks to the generous support of people just like you.

Because of our donors, volunteers, and supporters, DHHF is able to help HWMH realize their vision of best care, every person, every time.  Together we all ensure exceptional care close to home.

The Power of your Gifts

Your generous donations to the DHHF mean that we can help our local hospitals buy new, advanced medical equipment, such as:

Ultrasound Machines

CT Scanners

Why give to your Foundation?

Did you know that hospitals need to purchase their own equipment? It’s true! In Ontario, a hospital’s capital purchases – which includes diagnostic imaging, lab, and general hospital equipment like beds and scopes – must be funded through foundations like ours.

That is, the province does not grant any money towards the purchasing of equipment, even though having updated and working equipment and technology is essential for hospitals to provide excellent health care. That is why we are grateful for your support.

Your gift – no matter the size – will be combined with all of the other gifts we receive so that together OUR hospital has the equipment needed to continue to provide the care we have all come to deserve and expect.

The impacts of your gifts

Thanks to you, the DHHF has been able to help supply, renovate, and expand the Haldimand War Memorial Hospital for over 40 years.
Here are some incredible impacts your gifts have made:

Funding the new Emergency Department

Our most recent capital campaign was a huge success! The entire Dunnville community banded together to fund a major expansion of the Emergency Department and response unit at the Haldimand War Memorial Hospital.

Dollars Raised
Treatment Rooms

Tim Hortons Smile Cookies

Every September, Tim Hortons sells launches their Smile Cookie campaign and for 20 years the proceeds have come to the Foundation. Since 2018, the entire Dunnville community has rallied around the event, making the DHHF the most-supported cause all across Canada!

Cookies Sold
Top-selling years

Donate Today

Without you, we could not support healthcare in Dunnville.

Make a gift in tribute

Celebrate the life or memory of a loved one by giving to the DHHF.

Healthcare Heroes

Say thank you to your healthcare hero at HWMH or EG with a gift in their honour.