A Message from the Foundation Chair

I’m starting off with the obvious…things have changed! We are facing challenges we never thought we would experience in our lifetime.
Now more than ever we are realizing the impact and importance that healthcare workers play in our daily lives. The Foundation and the Volunteer Association are so thankful to everyone that works in our local Hospital and Long-Term Care facilities.
I say everyone, because it’s not just our dedicated doctors and nurses. It is personal support workers, technicians, dietitians and those that prepare the meals, cleaning staff…everyone who goes to work every day to care for others, regardless of the risk to themselves.
When you give to the Dunnville Hospital and Healthcare Foundation Covid-19 Support to Front-line Workers campaign, you are supporting everything that happens in our hospital.
We are so fortunate to have a hospital in Dunnville. Please consider what you can do. A little or a lot, it all adds up and you will have supported something extremely important at a time when the need is at its greatest. There is more than one way to support, please click here ( ) to review the options.


To you and your families, stay safe, healthy and positive.


Penny Banks : Executive Director

Penny Banks

Executive Director

RACHEL WILLIAMS : Administrative Coordinator ( Currently on Maternity Leave )


Administrative Coordinator ( Currently on Maternity Leave )

DANIELLE ORMONDE : Event Coordinator


Event Coordinator