Trees of Hope

Trees of Hope

Help light up the Dunnville Hospital & Healthcare's Trees of Hope!

Your gifts directly support the Haldimand War Memorial Hospital.

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  • $125000Goal
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Anonymous x23

John & Peggy Acland

In memory of Laura & Web Brennan, Gordon Acland and Fred Lederman

Richard & Barb Adams
In memory of our loved ones
Clifford, Violet & David Leslie
George & Margaret Adams

William Aikens
In memory of Ann Lewis

Gordon & Ann Akins
In memory of Lorne & Bertha Akins
In memory of Peter & Sandra Shelestowsky

Mary Allan
In memory of David Allan Sr.
In memory of David Allan Jr.

Mary Allen
In memory of Jim Allen

Marianne Allemang
In memory of Marie Keyzer & Nicolas Keyzer

Doris Allen

In memory of Jason Allen

Rose Allen

Amity Masonic Foundation

Blossom Armour
In memory of Gordon & Kerry Armour

Bruce & Kathleen Armstrong

In memory of Harold Rose & Fred Topp

Perry & Judith Arnold
In honour of our local Dr.’s & Nurses
Have a healthy and Happy Christmas

Raymond & Sandra Arnold
In memory of Neil Arnold & Bob Arnold

Robert & Joan Anderson
In memory of loved ones

George Asher

In loving memory of my wife Donna Asher, Merl & Gladys Keeley, William & Erie Asher and our infant grandson Zachary Asher.

Carole Atkinson

In memory of my dad, Ray Elfner

Cleveland & Susanne Austin

Laurie Awde
In memory of Dave & Shirley Hughes

Tjitze & Irene Baarda

Andrew Baatnes

In memory of Dave & Edna Wardell
Jim & Shirley Baatnes
In memory of Dave & Edna Wardell

Dale & Jeanette Backus
In memory of Mom and Dad, Greta & Tom Backus

Judie Bain
In memory of Shiney & Jean Williams
In memory of Jean McKnight
In memory of Maude Williams

Ballard Minor Funeral Home Ltd.
In honour of all Hospital and other frontline staff who give so much

Ken & Marilyn Baker
In memory of Bob & Vera Kauth

Tom & Susan Baker
In memory of our parents

William & Joan Baker

Penny Banks

Werner & Magdalena Barduhn

Valerie Barnard

Catherine Barnett
In memory of JJ, Alice and Chance

Gary & Verna Barnett

Douglas & Hilda Barrick

Robert & Janice Barrick
In memory of our parents, Gerald & Gert Barrick and Toots & Bernice Overholt

Mary Barrey

In memory of Ted Barrey

H.S. Bartram Ltd.
In memory of Bob Bugarija

Keith Beckingham

Corrie Bennemeer
In memory of my deceased family

Robert & Marjorie Benner
In memory of David & Florence Werner and Marne Benner

Harry & Ina Bethlehem
In memory of our dear father, Harm Kelly

Marinus & Mary Biemans

Mary Lou Bird

Patricia Birtwistle

John Bittman
In memory of Sylvia Bittman

Mrs. Katherine Black

In memory of James A. Black

Bob & Betty Blake
In honour of Dr. Ken Mustard, and all of our friends

William & Angelina Blane
In memory of Mr. & Mrs. WM Blane Senior
In memory of Mr. & Mrs. T. Liske

Wayne & Shirley Bluhm

In memory of our parents Edward & Margaret Bluhm and Carl & Ethel Woods

Bob & Sharon Boan
In memory of the Boan and Sammon Families

Duane, Marie, & Marisa Booker
In loving memory of deceased Booker, Langkamer, Gifford and McLean family members

Margaret Booker
In loving memory of Walter & Madeline Gifford
In loving memory of Roger & Janet Gifford

Lorne & Valerie Boyko
In memory of Paul & Nellie, missing you

Nancy Boyt
In memory of my husband, Stanley Boyt
In memory of my parents, Del & Ellen Ionson
In memory of my sister, Joanne McGregor- Love Nancy

Carolyn Bradley

Daniel & Helen Brady
In memory of Bradley Ricker
Love always son, Mom & Dan

Gary Brown
In memory of Stacey Brown
Love Dan & Terry

Laura Jane Brown
In memory of Harley, Lou, Judy, MaryLou Brown, and Karen McLeod

Don & Cheryl Boudreau

Joanne Boudreau
Eliedore (Sonny) Boudreau
Larry Bowden

In memory of Jack & Lois Bowden

Harold Buck
In memory of Tom & Ruth Graham, Laura, Eva & Lorraine Buck, Mark, Marie, Eddie & Roy Lambert, Buelah & Bill Everetts and Doris Newell. You will be forever in our hearts. We miss you all

Roberta Pearl Buckle
In memory of Harry Buckle

Ed & Linda Bucsis

Grant & Martha Bunker

In memory of our beloved parents, Jelle de Jong, Fred & Mary Bunker

Buma Family

Leslie Bursaw
In memory of my parents, Phyllis & J. Brayden Johnston

Wendy Butt
In memory of Betty Leslie


Eduardo & Marie Camara

Wayne & Joyanne Campbell
Canadian Drilling Rig Museum Inc

Canborough Firefighters

Canfield Women’s Institute
In honour of members past, present & future

Stanley & Linda Carnes

James & Janice Case

Lloyd Cass

Mary Caughell
In loving memory of Donald Caughell

Dana Caverly
In memory of my mother, Antonia McIntyre

Cayuga Displays

Marion Chapman

In memory of my husband Graham for 61 years. Sadly missed.

Janice Chenier
In memory of Beulah Sutor

Frank & Teresa Clark
In memory of Thomas & Joyce Clark

Jean M. Clark
In memory of Angeline Clark, Warren Clark, and Earl Clark

Cayuga Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Roberta & Andy VanKralingen

Mary Caughell
In memory of my loving husband, Donald Caughell

Elizabeth & Anthony Chalupa

Edward Coates
In honour of Anne Coates

Janet Coates

Merry Christmas
In memory of Rick & Amy Meesters, Jim Coates, and Dave Gerrie

Bernice Cooper

In honour of Ted, April, Madison, and Mackenzie Konior

John & Myrna Cooper

In memory of loved ones lost

Marilyn Copeland

In memory of Donald & Mildred Copeland

Ralph & Joan Corlis
In memory of Peter & Sally Laidlaw, Evelyn Corlis, Cecile & Irene Corlis

Lorna Couvillon
In memory of Ken Couvillon

Dave Cowan
In memory of Robert & Hazel Cowan
In memory of Donald & Mabel Baker
In memory of Barbara A. Cowan

Jeanne Cowan

In memory of my family

George Cowell
In memory of Beverly Cowell

Howard Cowie

In memory of Maxine Cowie

Susanne Craig & Family
In memory of Carl, Roberta & Craig Petricevic

Eleanor Gaye Craig

In honour of Tina, Sandy Bay Road

Marlyne Cronk

In memory of Raymond & Billy Cronk and Bill & Essie Sherk

Ross & Mary Crown

In memory of all loved ones

Constance & Calvin Crumb
In memory of Christine Elizabeth Crumb, Hugh Douglas Robins, Helen Marie Robins-Briggs, and Neal & Clara Crumb

Rena Culp
In memory of family members

Henry & Beverly Czepek


Doris Daley
In memory of Merl & Gladys Keeley, Donna Asher, Ann Roth, Bob & Heather Daley, Orlo Evans, Ross Daley, and Penny Green

Beverly Dashner

Ken & Pam Dashwood

Herman & Marlene Dasselaar

In memory of mom who went on to glory April 12, 1999

Susan Davidson

In memory of John Zahara

Bob Dawson

Harold & Ruth Dawson

Riley Dawson

In memory of “OPA” Jerry Vandelagemont, gone but never forgotten

James & Nelly DeKlerk

Judith Dell
In honour of Mrs. Norma Edie- 103 years old at Edgewater Gardens
In memory of Helen & Hugh House

Lori Dell, Craig, Trevor, and Families
In memory of my father and grandfather

Donald & Ruth Dennis

In memory of Lorne & Jane Wardell, Dan Wardell, Grace & Al Nuxoll, Bruce Stayzer, Earl & Jim Stengel

Brenda DeRuiter

Gordon & Deanna Dickhout
In memory of Family & Friends

Heather Dickhout

Lisa Dicy

In honour of Robert & Joyce Dicy

John & Sharon Diette

Ron & Linda Disher
In memory of Oakley & Lois Disher

Luu & Vui Doan

In loving memory of my parents

Tom & Gail Dodgson
In loving memory of our son, Jeffrey Dodgson

Susan & Kerry Dolan
In Honour and Appreciation of all Frontline Workers
In loving memory of Marjorie Dolan
In loving memory of Ann Roth
Happy Holidays to ALL, may the new year bring much Peace and Joy your way

Dortman Bros. Barn Equip. Inc.

Lois Douglas
In memory of Kathy Wright and Ray Douglas

Bill & Debra Downey

In memory of Larry & Fred Ricker

Anne Downey
In memory of Jean B. Hastings RN
Beloved Mother of Gay Marino and Anne Downey

Robert & Penny Downey

Linda & Larry Drebert
In honour of all Essential Workers!! Thank you!!

Jeremy Drenth

In memory of Theodore Drenth

Sandra Drenth

In memory of Theodore Drenth

Tyler Drenth

In memory of Theodore Drenth

Flo & Janice Drouin
In memory of Marg & Osborne Link

Bev Druery

Anne Duliban
In memory of Eric Duliban

Dunnville Lioness Club
In memory of Deceased Lioness Members

Ian Durand
In memory of Tom Brown


Keith & Sandra Egger

In loving memory of our loved ones and a heartfelt gratitude to all the staff at Edgewater Gardens for their wonderful care.

Ken & Kathy Egger
In memory of Henriette McMichen

Richard Egger
In loving memory of Dorothy Egger

Mieke Eikelboom
In memory of Herman Eikelboom, who passed away on August 20, 2013

Lynn Engel
In memory of Eric Engel

Marjorie Ettinger

Marilyn Evanik & John Dolcetti

In memory of Anne & Gabe Evanik

Tena Evers


Allan & Patricia Fairman

In loving memory of our son Randy Douglas Fairman, family, and friends

Gary & Norma Featherstone & Family
In memory of Jack & Marion Weaver
In memory of Lorne & Evelyn Featherstone
In memory of Carol & John Featherstone

Edward & Lorraine Feenstra

James & Sandra Ferguson
In memory of Shawn Corey

Valerie Fitzel
In honour of all the Healthcare Workers who have worked so hard over the past year

Joseph & Julie Flatt

In memory of Betty Flatt

Lawrence & Julie Flatt

In memory of Betty Flatt

Joyce Fleet

Corrine Fleming

Kim Fleming
In memory of Eliedore (Sonny) Boudreau

Annie Fletcher
In memory of Blake Dashwood, Beth Dashwood, Arthur Doane, Beatrice Doane, and Rita Cutts

Lucy Fletcher

 In memory of Robert Fletcher

Sandra Flonders
In memory of all my loved ones that passed away

Joanne Floyd

David & Maureen Franklin
In memory of my dear aunt, Marie Kelly

Gail Franklin & Tom Thorne
In memory of Our Parents, Bob & Helen Thorne and Don & Dorothy Robinson

Paul & Susan Fulsom
Robert & Barbara Fulsom
In honour of all frontline staff dealing with Covid 19


Robert & Marilyn Gazley
In memory of Ruth & Blake Gloyd and Ann & Les Gazley

Elaine Gerrie
In memory of Rob Gerrie and Lawrence Bruttocao

William & Betty Ann Gibson

James & Sandra Gill
In memory of Ruth Gill & John (Jack) Gill

Jack & Pat Glaves
In memory of loved ones

Harold & Norma Glenney
In honour of 4 super grandchildren

Ken & Kathy Glover
In memory of Jack & Marion Weaver, Lorne & Evelyn Featherstone, Ron Glover, Kevin MacNeil, Chester Glover, Checkers Glover

Judy Goron
In memory of Mickey & Frances Goron
Love from your great grandkids, Aidan & Anna Morris, Lucas & Logan Tuin, and Liam & Lily Goron

Ernie & Gwen Gracey

Roy & Dianne Graham

Grand River Heating & Cooling

In honour of our loyal customers

Gary & Marlene Grant

In memory of family members & loved friends lost in 2020

Tom & Gladys Graves
In memory of the Graves & Lachnit Families

Bob & Mary Gray

John Green
In memory of Marcene, Ruby, Lavena, and Penny Green

Pat Griffin
In memory of John Griffin- Love Pat

Dennis & Linda Grimm

In memory of The Shirley’s & Grimm’s


Marsha Haalstra
In memory of Siebo, Anna Mae, Paul Haalstra, and Alice Valkema, and Anne Hall

Haldimand Social Club

Dan Hall
In memory of Marie Glaves and Donna Hoover

Danny Hall
In memory of James E. Hall, Julia Hall, and Edward Hall

Dan & Carol Hall
In memory of Jeanne C. Hall and Maryanne Phelps

Pauline Hall

In memory of James E. Hall

Glen & Carolyn Hamilton
In memory of John Hamilton

Robert & Brenda Hamilton

In memory of Doris M. Mowat, Mabel Norma Mowat and Hilton & Eileen Mowat

 Don & Kathryn Hancock

In memory of Bailey Dawn Hancock

Berendina Hanemaayer

John & Elisabeth Hanenberg

Desiree Hardcastle

Brian Hardyman
In loving memory of Betty Hardyman (Kelly) 8/20/20

Mrs. Helen Hare

In memory Lloyd Hare & Murray Hare

Joanne Hare

In memory of Stan Hare & Jim Dawson

Donna Harkness

William & Susan Harris

In memory of Wade Wilkins

William & Linda Hart

In memory of Karin Bayes & Mildred Hart

Gloria Hartsell
In loving memory of Keith Hartsell

Marie Hartwick

D.S. & L.N Harvey
In memory of Bob & Irene Verhoeven
In memory of Margaret Harvey

Erma Harvie
In memory of Herb, Paul, and Connor

Rhonda Harvie
In memory of Connor Harvie. Loving and missing you to the end of all of the tomorrows!

Until we meet again

Ronnie Haynes
In memory of Zachary Riddle and Ronnie Jr.

 Harold Hedley
In memory of Roy Hedley and Joan Hedley

Jeanette Hedley

In memory of Joan & Roy Hedley

Renee Liegler – Hedley

In memory of my dad, Leo Liegler

Hedley Seeds Ltd.

Doris Henderson
In loving memory of my husband, William Henderson

Tom & Pat Henderson

Highway Chapel

Joyce & Mark Hodge

Janice Hoffman
In memory of Bill Hoffman

Carl & Karen Hofstede

In memory of Nick & Anne Hofstede, Nell Hofstede, John Miller

Dale & Lynn Holland
In memory of Irene Dashwood, Ronald Dashwood, Millie Austin, Glenn Austin, Wayne Austin, Rick Austin, Ross Holland, Joyce Holland, Mary Louise Holland, John Broad, Stan Dashwood, Jason Poth, and Jeremy Huber (Hammer).
Celebrating the Birth of our Grandson: Maverick Holland- June 28, 2020

Metro & Doris Holodniuk & Family

Craig & Berta Hoover
In memory of Mrs. Donna Hoover

Morris & Margaret Hoover

Robert & Beverly Hopper
In memory of Robert Springer

Sid & Jeanette Horinga
In memory of Jetse & Gretha Tiersma, my parents

George & Nadene Hornibrook
In memory of Bruce & Grace Currie, Blanche Hornibrook, and Orlin Hornibrook

Doreen Hoover
In loving memory of my parents, Mildred (2015) and Earl L. Hoover (1991)

In loving memory of my grandparents,
Julia & George Stadelmaier and Edith & Fred Hoover
In loving memory of my godparents Floyd & Rosey Smelser & Mary Masters
Also deeply missed Anita Ujfalussy (2010) & Wilma (Ujfalussy) Radvanski (2008)
Mary House

In memory of Betty & Lou Clark, Neal & Edna Battle Crumb, Linda House, Jack & Jim House and

 John Smith

Michael McQuatty & Susan House

In memory of Ken, Dave and Helen McQuatty

Shirley & Jeff House
In memory of the deceased Rae family members

Andrea Houser

In memory of Shannon Erwin

Donald & Joan Houser

In memory of Percy & Bernice Houser, Shirley Houser, Kevin Houser and Declan Houser

Gordon & Marlene Houser
In memory of all our loved ones who have passed on

Orlin & Judith Houser

Wayne Houser
Declan Wayne Houser
Sadly missed every day. Baby Declan, Love you Forever Fuzzy & Grandma

Clarence & Michelle Houwer

In memory of Marilyn Houwer & Jennifer Kadwell – Houwer

Bonnie Huber
In memory of John H. Huber and Jeremy Huber
In memory of Fay Messner, Muriel Messner, and Kevin Messner

Joan Huffman

In memory of Roy Huffman, Janice Decastro, Leo Barber

Paige Allison-Huggins

In memory of Fred & Margy Allison

Katherine Huit
In memory of Doreen Addison, Richard Parker, Joanne Huntley
Mother, brother, niece

Catharina Huitema

Hank & Rolina Hultink
In honour of our grandchildren!

Joyce Hunter


Tom & Monica Inglis
In memory of John & Edith Meyer
In memory of Catherine & Peter Inglis


George & Martha Jackson
In memory of David Silverthorne

Jack & Beverly Jackson

Gerald & Hetty Jans

Fred & Pat Jonke
In memory of all our family and friends

John’s Interiors- Carpet One

Louise Johnson
In memory of Pansy & Ralph Holden- Doris & David Johnson
In memory of Clifford & Shauna Holden- David Johnson

Glen & Janet Johnston
In memory of loved ones

Leni Johnston

In memory of Geoffrey Johnston

Mary Lou Johnston
In memory of Geoffrey D. Johnston

Maureen Jones

In memory of Garfield & Margaret Disher and brother Fred Disher


Eileen Kazienko

John & Agnes Keen

Gloria Keet

Ingrid Kelly
In memory of Sigge Bergh & Peter Kelly Sr.

Richard Kelly
In memory of Marie Kelly

Doug & Angela Kennedy
In memory of Kennedy & Rose Family Members

Marjory Kennedy

In memory of Joseph Drury deceased 2020

Brian & Shirley Kiefer

Mr. & Mrs. Killins

Charles & Lynne King
in memory of Gordon & Hill King, George & Joyce Mudd, Don Relfman, Don & Betty Fleming, Mary Nyomtato and Tony Evers

Elwood King

Thomas H King
In memory of our parents: Bruce & Doris King
In memory of our grandparents: Howard & Stella King
Sheila/ Kathy/ Tom/ Rosemary

Roger & Margaret King
In memory of Vincent & Madeline King

Lynda Kissner

In memory of Kingsley

David & Darlene Kitchen
In memory of our dear son, Aaron Kitchen and his girlfriend Leslie Pomeroy

Jacqueline Kleniewski

In memory of Richard Kleniewski

Peter & Jane Klijn

Ross Kriter
In loving memory of Audrey Kriter

Hermina Kuiper
In memory of my husband, Evert

William Kolosa

Konkle Farm & Greenhouses Ltd.
In memory of Mary Konkle

Gerald & Nellie Korten
In memory of our parents, Mr. & Mrs. J. Korten and Mr. & Mrs. Ralph SR.

Elizabeth Loggie

In memory of Allan Loggie, Della Ballard and Sarah Capitan

Mildred Lane
In memory of Donald Lane
In memory of Family and Friends who are gone

Peter & Marlene Langeraap

In memory of Huffman Families & Langeraap Families

Mel & Charlotte Langkamer

In memory of friends & loved ones

David & Yvonne Larmour
In memory of Dave & Nancy Larmour
In memory of Mary Moormann

Judith Law
In honour of staff at Dunnville Hospital

John Lazar
In memory of Rotten Ronnie Foreman

Tim & Mary Leduc
In memory of our wonderful neighbour, Earle Wettlaufer

Wayne & Angie Lee
In memory of Terry & Albion Lee
In memory of Rhoda & Murry Mathews

Ken & Arlene Leech
In memory of Fred & Irma Cavers, and Clara Cavers

Dr. Marilyn Lee-Own
In memory of Fleur Elizabeth Barclay

Carol Leggett
In memory of Gordon Leggett

Marion Leggett
In memory of Wilfred Leggett

Lorraine Liegler
In memory of my dearest husband, Leo Liegler

Arnie Leslie
In memory of Reta & Fred Leslie

Steve Lilley

John & Wilma Lindeboom

Ken & Linda Link
In memory of Sandy Fuller

Larry & Leona Link
In memory of our parents Kurt & Rose Langkamer and Jacob & Dorothy Link
In memory of our son Geoffrey Johnson
In memory of my brother and his wife, Roman & Toni Langkamer
In memory of friends, Dan Franklin and Frank Traver

Jesse & Mary Lynn Link

In memory of Buelah Link

Daryl & Kathy Lint
In memory of Steve Hyatt, Kevin Mustard, and Jeff Dodgson
In memory of Gary (Jake) Stallwood, Marna Gale, and Brian Dougherty

Jean Lint
In loving memory of my husband, Sheldon (Skip) Lint
In loving memory of our son, Dwight Lint
In loving memory of my dear Aunt, Blanche Hornibrook

Andrew Lishman

Ron Lishman

Sheryl Ferris- Little

In memory of Nina & Sharon Little

Gordon Little
In loving memory of Nina & Sharon Little

Sharon Little

In loving memory of Pamela and Carson Little
In loving memory of Fred Topp

Mike & Darlene Little
In memory of Don & Muriel Moerschfelder

Elizabeth Loggie
In memory of Della Ballard, Allan Loggie, and Sarah Capitan

Anne Long

Elvin Long

Margaret Long
In memory of Joe Long and Donald Long

Jan Loots
In memory of Regina Loots

Jim & Wilma Louks
In memory of our grandson, Jason Louks

Clare Charles & Donna Lusk

In memory of Everett & Margaret Lusk and Joeseph & Violet Kennedy

Bernadine Lutes


Deborah Maarhuis

In memory of Marty Maarhuis

Heather MacDonald

Liz MacDonald & Susan Vail
In loving memory of Don Vail

Gordon & Susanne Mackie

Doug & Betty Madill
In memory of Jeff Dodgson
In memory of Arie Vreugdenhil

Joe & Linda Maggio

Eunice Mageran
In memory of the Elfner and Mageran Families

Mr. & Mrs. W. Mallinson
In honour of Shirley F. Mallinson

Dave Mallory
In memory of Sandra & Shaun

Helen Mans

Mary Markowitz
Victor Markowitz

Irene Marr
In memory of Gordon Marr, Carson Little, Pam Little, George Little, Kathleen McCarey, and Mr. & Mrs. McCarey

Gail Marsh
In memory of Margaret Bowen and Stanley Bowen

Elizabeth Marsh
In memory of Pearl Marsh and William Marsh

Lois Matheson
In memory of my husband, Walt

Tammy Matheson
In memory of Walter Matheson

Robert & Joyce Matthews

The Matthews & Adams Families

Leslie Matthews
In memory of Mr. William L. (Bill) Whyte

Emrick & Doreen Mazi
In memory of our daughter, Judy Busse
In memory of our parents, Loyal & Evelyn Coyne and Joe & Anna Mazi

Mr Roy McCready

In honour of Betty Ann McCready, wife and mother

Mr. & Mrs. John McCulloch
In memory of Barbara Matchen and Walter Zylstra

Dennis McDonald
In memory of my wife, Ruth and grandson, Constable Joe Mellen

William & Margaret McFarlane
In honour of Emergency Room Physicians, Emergency Nurses, and Ambulance Staff. Thank you

John & Connie McKay

In memory of Ed & Marge Kernin, Wendy Haley and Tad Allen

Kevin McKee

In memory of Marjorie McKee

Kevin & Deb McKee
In honour of Scott & Toni Smith
Kathryn McIlwaine
Patrick & Linda McHugh
Edna McKay
In memory of Russell E. McKay, Grace & Arthur Tamplin, Amanda “McKay”, Hartford Foster, and Russell F. McKay
Gerald & Marion McKenzie
In memory of Brian Campbell

Bea McQuillen
In memory Bob McQuillen

Mary & Lee Meadows
In memory of Sheldon Meadows

Shirley Meadows

Brian & Linda Mellen
In memory of our parents Grant & Helen Temple, Joe Mellen, and Ruth McDonald
In memory of Clare & Dorothy Kindy
In honour of our son Jeff and daughter-in-law Ashley Mellen, daughter Heather,

and son-in-law, Dan Egerter
In honour of our grandchildren, Chloe and Abby Mellen, and Henry Egerter

Susan Merritt

In memory of Tricia Vaughan

Mary Middler

Margaret Middleton

Ruth Millar

In memory of

Mary Millard

John & Marilyn Mills
In memory of loved ones

Tim & Susan Milligan
To all our frontline medical staff. Thank you

Daniel & Jeanette Minor

Wayne & Margaret Minor

Wray & Dorothy Minor

Floyd & Carol Moerschfelder

Mark Moesker

WD Moody Concrete
Thank you to all of our healthcare workers

Sharon Moore

Sharon & Chris Moore

In memory and thinking of my parents, Wayne & Ann Whyte at Christmas and always

Leslie Morris
In memory of Shamus

Theodore & Carol Mulder

In memory of Berneice & Manly Spencer

David & Phyllis Mullins

Jack & Sandra Murphy

In memory of Tom Murphy & Ruth Murphy

Monroe and Shirley Murphy

Ken & Marilyn Murphy
In honour of our healthcare workers
Bob & Jean Murphy


Gerald & Carol Nagel
In memory of deceased family members

Uta Natte
In memory of my beloved husband, Joop Natte
In memory of my brother, Torsten Spiller
In memory of my parents, Kurt & Anita Spiller
In memory of my parents-in-law, Gerrit & Ecca Natte
In memory of my friend, Marguerite Lucas
In memory of neighbours, Lovell & Marion Puttick

Wayne & Sharon Neal
In memory of Richard Neal- 1981 and Helen Shier- 1986
In honour of Our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ- the true meaning of Christmas

Angela Nixon

In memory of Barry Huit

Donna & Ken Noseworthy
In memory of Beatrice Way and Andy & Gladys Berry

Wayne Nyomtato
In memory of Frank Nyomtato Sr., Mary Nyomtato Sr., Frank Nyomtato Jr., Matyas Uzelman Sr., Mary Uzelman, Matyas Uzelman Jr., Joseph Uzelman, Anna Uzelman, Leonard R. James, Gertrude A. James, Pearl Warbick, Eileen Rowbottom, Margaret Vida, Peter Vida, Nancy Vida, Mary Nyomtato Jr.


Darlene O’Crawford
In memory of Grace & Russell Smith

Cecil O’Marra

Wynifred Overend

In memory of my husband, Glen Overend

Gordon Paisley
In memory of Marion Smith Tait

Mary Anne and Pierre Paradis
In memory of Eric Tice

Lyne & Dan Pare

Allan & Denise Parker

Amy Passmore

In memory of Bob (Lawrence Robert) Passmore

Mrs. Marcia Passmore

In memory of Bob

Ralph & Shirley Patterson
In memory of Doreen Paterson and Dorothea Hall

Peter’s Engine & Rental Centre

Tom & Susan Pettigrew
In memory of my parents, Bert & Doris Pettigrew

Larry Phibbs
In memory of Julie Jurik
Love Mom & Dad

Pielechaty Farms

In memory of Peter Pielechaty, loving husband, father, and grandfather

Laura Pielechaty & Linda Pielechaty

In memory of Peter Pielechaty, loving husband, father and grandfather

Harmel & Antonina Pitre

Michael & Brenda Pittaway

In memory of Mary Orr, Marlene Orr, Donna Stolz (Orr), Marg Woods, Cheryl Talbot and Stan Syer

Linda & Dan Pitts
In memory of our parents, Ted & Donna Pitts
Our parents, Ike & Mary Enns
“Always in our hearts”

Larry & Margaret Pitts
In memory of our parents and grandparents and our good friend, Jack Kohler

Doreen Pocsi
In memory of Steven Pocsi and Sarah J. Healy

Albert Postma Construction Limited

Rick & Marlene Postma
In loving memory of our Mom, Inez Hagerty
In loving memory of our son in law, Bill Barnes

Alistair & Sandra Potts

Carolyn Prashaw
In memory of the Prashaw Family

Ann Prest
In memory of Paul Prest



Jack Ranger

In memory of Sharon Ranger

Wendy Renault

In memory of Shamus O’Neil

Rhora’s Nut Farm & Nursery

Andrew & Catherine Richardson
In honour of all the Amazing Nurses at the Dunnville Hospital
We can’t thank you all enough

Grant & Dorothy Richardson

In memory Cameron & Dinah Richardson, Lewis & Mary Lint

Jason & Denise Richardson
In memory of Bruce Shirton
15 years of missing you
Love Denise, Jason, and Brant

Keith & Edna Richardson

In memory of our dear parents, grandparents, Cameron & Tena Richardson and Bertha & Bill Passingham

Lori Richardson

In memory of Donna MacLean

Betty & Harry Richert
In memory of our son, Darrell Cook

Brian Ricker & May Lynne Emiry

Erven & Linda Ricker
In memory of William & Reta Hamilton
In memory of George Bridgett

Dorothy Rittenhouse

In memory of my husband, Bill Rittenhouse

Brian Robins
In loving memory of Claudia Robins

Murray & Phyllis Robins

In loving memory of our precious daughter, Tracy Lynn Robins

Sharon Robinson

Yola Rose
In memory of Harold Rose
In memory of the Rose & Horvath Family

Robert Ross
In memory of Gloria Smith

William & Catherine Rounce

In memory of Ralph & Lydia Rounce and Al & Beth Bognar

Chris Rowe Pete’s Car Sales (Dunnville) Limited
In honour of All frontline Healthcare Staff during Covid in 2020

Ronald Rowe
In honour of Marilyn (Ann) Rowe

Royal Arch Masons of Canada McCallum Chapter No. 29

Ladies Auxiliary of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 142

Royal Canadian Legion Br. 142

Margaret Ruigrok

In memory of Frank Ruigrok

Tammy & Carl Ruigrok
In memory of Frank & Neil Ruigrok and Bill Cranston

Ruth & Daniel Rykse


Margaret Saldanha
In memory of William John Cranston

Betty Sawyers
In loving memory of my sister, Alice Farnell

Mr. & Mrs. Schaafsma

Andrew & Elizabeth Schilstra
In honour of all our loved ones, family and friends, and frontline workers

Tina Schilstra

Lawrence & Karen Schilstra

Dan & Shelley Schmidt
In memory of Bud & Phyllis Sutton and Henry & Betty Schmidt

Jim & Mary Schuit

Bill & Lynn Schuur
In memory of the Dunham Family

Howard & Marilyn Schwanz
In memory of Doug & Vera Stephens

Dale & Phyllis Sensabaugh
In memory of Donald Caughell, and George & Beulah Sensabaugh

Linda Sharpe
In memory of Glenda Toll

Pat Shepherd
In memory of Jean Shepherd, Nancy Shepherd, Helen Page, Nancy Bisson, Andrew Bisson,

and Clarence Page

Ira Sherk

In memory of Connie Sherk

Lillian Sherk

Shirley Shipperbottom
In memory of Bruce Shipperbottom

Keith & Janet Shirton

In loving memory of our dear friends Loy Krick, Fred Topp, and Harold Rose.

Larry & Edith Shurr

Wayne & Nancy Siddall
In memory of our son, Timmy Siddall

Dave Siemens
In memory of Mothers, Agatha Siemens and Ella Mae Putman

Dorothy Simpson

Gary & Carole Simpson
In memory of Arnold & Rita Brewer, Eileen (Lee) Biagioni, Ron & Addie Simpson

Douglas & Catherine Simmons
In memory of Bruce & Dorothy Caughell

Audrey Smith
In memory of Joe Kinnear, Myrl Kinnear, and Elmer Kinnear

Jean & Bob Smith

In memory of Diana Street

Randy & Pat Smith
In memory of Albert & Alice Schram, Lloyd & Joyce Smith, and Frances Pickell

Sue Smith
In honour of Hospital workers, Ambulance workers, Grocery workers, Bank tellers, Teachers, and all others who are keeping us safe

Edward & Bertha Soltesz

Bob & Betty Sorge
In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Ern Topp
In memory of Fred Topp

Lorne & Donna Sorge

Norine Souter

Michael South
In memory of Bonnie & Deborah

Earl & Janette Stadder

Cencetta Stadder

In memory of Rae Ivan Stadder

Bev Stanley

Jean Stengel
In memory of Earl R. Stengel & James E. Stengel

Donald & Irene Steinman

In memory of friends and relatives, past and present

Alma & Fred Stevenson-Francis

Fred & Carol Stretton

In memory of Bob & Ruth Stretton

June & Peter Stollar
In memory of Perce & Lens Michener and Matt & Elizabeth Stollar

Charles & Evelyn Summerfield
In memory of Joyce McIntee and Carol Sierdsma

Robert Sutor

Thelma Sutor
In memory of Llyod & Thelma Sutor
In memory of my husband, Donald Sutor

Patricia Sutherland
In memory of Elizabeth Liggins, Sam Liggins, and Fred Sutherland

Kathryn Swayze

John & Lynda Swayze
In memory of Roy, Beulah, Ron & Mike Swayze, Catharine Culver, Andrew, Gladys, and Douglas and Ronald Berry

Sharlain & Stan Swayze


Floyd & Ethel Tapp

In memory of 2 brothers – March

James Weasner & Lloyd Weasner 2020

Mrs. Betty Tebbitt

In memory of Roland Tebbit & My mother Maud Orchard

Debbie Thomas & Andrew Hyma
In memory of my father, Floyd Thomas

Pete & Helen Tiersma

In memory of Anthony Tiersma

Bruce & Sarah Tilstra

Ted & Karen Tilstra

Jerry & Marianne Tinney
In memory of our parents, Don & Dorothy Robinson and Garnet & Catherine Tinney

Dale Tomlin

Andrew & Alison Topp

In memory of Fred & Heather Topp and Harold Rose

Fred Topp

In memory of George & Elaine Topp

Tops Chapter ON 1288

In honour of all the Front Line workers

Brenda Towle

Jane Treleaven

David Trewartha

Jeffrey & Nancy Turnbull

In honour of the Turnbull Family. Nancy, Jeff, Heather & Ian

Ron Turton

In memory of Eileen Turton


John Upshall
In memory of our parents


Robert Vail
In memory of Don Vail

Geraldine Vaivil

In memory of Charlie

Wayne & Helen Vallee
In memory of June & Albert Gratton, Peg, Bob, and Gene Vallee

Mike & Leonie VanderMeer
In honour of Dunnville Hospital

John Vanderstelt
In memory of Joe Vanderstelt

Joy Vandervlist

In memory of loved ones

Martin & Ethel Vandervlist
In honour of passed away family and friends

Penney VanKuren
In memory of Bud & Phyllis Sutton

Theodore Vanwyk

Adriana & Brenda Veldhuizen

Rod Veldhuizen
In memory of Wenda Lou (Johnston) Hines

Jean Venema

Chris Verleun
In loving memory of Heather

Joanne Villeneuve
In memory of Jim Hines & Mike Villeneuve

Nancy Voakes

In memory of Hazel & Harley McIntee and Timothy & Wayne Voakes

Ken & Helene Vollick
In memory of family and friends who passed away


Brenda & Brian Wagter
In memory of our dear Dad, Richard Hoekstra. Forever in our hearts

Cindy Walton
In memory of Don & Bette Pearce

Raymond & Barbara Washington
In honour of Dunnville Hospital
Thank you for all you do

Patricia Webb

Charles Weikman

Laurie West

Bernard & Alice Westerveld

Doug & Linda Weylie
In memory of Dr. Ralph & Evelyn Weylie

John Weylie
Dr. Ralph & Mrs. Evelyn Weylie

Mrs. Barbara Whyte

In memory of William Whyte

Shirley Wickett

Anne Wilde
In memory of Alex and Eleanor Robb

Wendy Willis
In loving memory of Douglas Willis

Beverly Wilson
In memory of my husband, Doug Wilson
In loving memory of my grandparents, Bruce & Grace King

Garnet Wilson
In memory of Thelma Wilson, Canfield ON
In memory of Gordon Wilson, Canfield ON

Georgie Wilson
In memory of Harry Wilson

Sheila Wilson

In memory of my Dickhout family members who have passed

Elizabeth Wingfield
In memory of my husband, Don Wingfield

Owen & Carol Wohlsclagel
In memory of Vera Minor, Harold Minor, and Nettie Emerson

George & Diane Woodham

Alan & Solange Woronchak

In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Peter Woronchak, Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Philippe and John – Michael Martin



Betty Young

In memory of George Young


Mrs. Lilly Zantingh

In loving memory of Richard Zantingh

Kenneth & Nancy Zantingh

Brenda Zynomirski
Peter & Florence Zynomirski

Sandra Zynomirski