Trees of Hope

Trees of Hope

Buy a light, string of lights or star to support local healthcare!

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Thank you so much to all who purchased a light, string of lights or a star to help light up our Trees of Hope, which surround the outside of the Haldimand War Memorial Hospital. Stay tuned for the listing of campaign supporters and their sentiments in the January 4th publication of the Sachem newspaper in the centre fold! Proceeds from this campaign support our ‘Every Moment Counts’ Campaign for a new Emergency Department at HWMH.

Thank you for your support, we will everyone the best in 2018!

“There is no finer gift than one that offers health and hope for those in need.”

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This listing of our Trees of Hope supporters and their sentiments will be published in the January 4th publication of The Sachem newspaper in the centre fold.

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Anonymous x36

Peggy & John Acland
In memory of Web & Laura Brennan
In memory of Gordon Acland
In memory of Fred Lederman

Jennifer & Greg Adams
In honour of Grandpa Bob, Remembering you this Christmas

Richard & Barb Adams
In memory of our loved ones

Gordon & Ann Akins
In memory of our parents

Carol Alder
In memory of Russel N. Crisp and Erma Crisp Soper

Rose Allen
In memory of John J. Allen

Mike Allison
In memory of Fred & Margy Allison

Robert & Joan Anderson
In memory of loved ones

Dunn Anglican Parish

Blossom Armour & Family
In memory of Gordon & Kerry Armour

Barbara Arner
In memory of Erva Speight
In memory of Lawrence Speight
In memory of Gordon Arner

Sandra & Ray Arnold
In memory of Bob Arnold

George & Donna Asher
In memory of Merl & Gladys Keeley
In memory of William & Erie Asher
In memory of Infant Grandson, Zachary Asher

Andrew Baatnes
In memory of Dave & Edna Wardell

Jim & Shirley Baatnes
In memory of Dave & Edna Wardell

Bill & Emma Jean Bacher
In memory of deceased Family & Friends

Harold & Judy Bain
In memory of Jean & Shiney Williams
In memory of Jean McKnight and Maude Williams

Werner & Magdalena Barduhn
In memory of my parents, brother and sisters

Cindy & Ken Barkley & Family
In loving memory of Holden Passmore- from Cindy & Ken
In loving memory of Reta Mitchell- from all of our family
In loving memory of Jordan Kostelny- from Christine, Ty & Cole Bider

Sheila Barlow
In memory of Donald Barlow

Tom Barnes
In memory of my wife, Annie
In memory of my sisters Linda, Janet, Jo-Anne and brother, Dale

Bob & Marj Bennner
In memory of  our daughter-in-law and friend Marne Benner

Charles & Vivien Bennett
In memory of Clyde Brooks & Mary Stevenson
In memory of Lorraine Brooks

Harry & Ina Bethlehem
In loving memory of our mom

Margaret Bird (Peg)
In loving memory of David Bird and Peter & Dorothy Brooks
Remembered by family

Mary Lou Bird
In memory of Art Bird, who received wonderful care

John Bittman
In loving memory of Sylvia Bittman

Ellenor Black
In memory of Harley Black

Elizabeth Blake
In memory of John & Verna Fraser, Milo McIntee, Freda Wile, and Kevin Mustard

Wayne & Shirley Bluhm
In memory of our parents, Ethel & Carl Woods and Edward & Margaret Bluhm

Donald Booker
In loving memory of Isabelle Booker

Marg Booker
In loving memory of Mr. & Mrs. Walter & Madeline Gifford
In loving memory of Mr. Peter Rowe

Duane, Marie & Marisa Booker
In memory of our deceased family members and friends

Dennis Boyko

Paul & Nellie Boyko

Nancy Boyt
In loving memory of my parents, Del & Ellen Ionson
In loving memory of my sister, Joanne

Helen & Dan Brady
In loving memory of our son, Bradley

Laura Jane Brown
In memory of Harley, Lou, Mary Lou and Judy Brown

Catherine Brunskill
In loving memory of my dear husband, John T. Brunskill
In memory of my parents, Stan & Kay Kriter
In memory of all other deceased family and friends

Harold Buck
In memory of Tom Graham, Ruth Graham, Laura Buck, Eva Buck, Loraine Buck, Mark Lambert, Marie Lambert, Eddie Lambert, Bill Everetts, and Buelah Everetts

Roberta Pearl Buckle
In memory of Harry Buckle

Ed & Linda Bucsis

Steve Busse
In memory of Judy Busse (wife), Bonnie Busse (Mom), Betty & Rudy Knezich (Grandparents), Jeromy Busse (brother), and Glen & Jim Thompson (friends)


Canfield Women’s Institute
In honour of members past, present & future

Mary Caughell
In memory of my loving husband, Donald Caughell

Elinor Coker
In memory of Alber Coker

Gail Cole
In memory of Jim Cole
In memory of Sid & Jean Page

Frank & Leona Collins
In memory of Phillip and Kathleen Crumb
In memory of Victor B. Collins
In memory of Florence Collins
In memory of Anne Collins (Waterworth)

Marilyn Copeland
In memory of Donald & Mildred Copeland

Jean Cornell
In memory of George & Wesley Cornell

Melanie Coulter & George Chifor
In honour of Eleanor Coulter

Myrna Cooper
In memory of loved ones lost

Dave Cowan
In loving memory of Barbara Cowan
In memory of Robert & Hazel Cowan
In memory of Don & Mabel Baker

Howard Cowie
In loving memory of Maxine Cowie

Darlene Crawford & Family
In loving memory of Grace & Russell Smith

Calvin & Connie Crumb
In memory of Christine Elizabeth Crumb
In memory of Hugh Douglas Robins
In memory of Helen Marie Robins-Briggs

Kathleen Culp
In memory of Rob Culp Sr.
A loving husband, father, and grandpa


Debra Darragh
In loving memory of James Tennyson
In loving memory of Arnold & Nancy Darragh
In loving memory of Frances Rittenhouse
In loving memory of Jamie Darragh
In loving memory of Mary & Gilbert Tennyson
In loving memory of my great Grandmothers, Elizabeth Storrings and Laura Caterer
In loving memory of Ray & Olive Caterer
In loving memory of two special friends, Nina Wilkoyc and Joseph Las
Wishing all our friends and family a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year
Deb, John, Karla, Mike, Hunter, Matt, and Brittany

Beverly Dashner
In memory of Andrew Dashner

Harry & Marlene Dasselarr

Paulette Davies
Nothing Lasts Forever
Precious Moments- Special Times

Donald & Ruth Dennis
In memory of Lorne, Jane & Dan Wardell
In memory of Al Nuxoll

Jim & Nelly DeKlerk

Marie DeKlerk

Herm & Brenda DeRuiter
In memory of Harold & Elsie Meadows
In memory of Hum & Helen Ricker

Robert & Joyce Dicy
In memory of Ira & Norma Dicy
In memory of Uzella & Allen Stewart
In memory of Wayne Dicy

Ron & Linda Disher
In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Oakley Disher

Tom & Gail Dodgson
In loving memory of our son, Jeffrey Dodgson

Kerry & Susan Dolan
In loving memory of our beautiful niece, Apryl Dickinson (Dolan) and our special uncle, Donald Sutton. Forever in our hearts

Dortmans Bros. Barn Equip Inc
Merry Christmas!

Lois Douglas
In memory of Raymond Douglas

Anne Downey
In memory of my beloved mother, Jean B. Hastings

Bill & Deb Downey
In memory of Mary & Fred Ricker

Larry & Linda Drebert

Dunnville Lioness
In memory of our deceased members

Dunnville Optimist Club
Merry Christmas

Richard Dupon
In memory of my sister, Metty Hoekma

Ian Durand & April Cormaci
In memory of Dickens


Audrey Edwards

Dale & Cheryl Egger
In memory of Barbara Cowan

Keith & Sandra Egger
In honour of our grandchildren who bring us so much pride and joy

Nettie Emerson
In memory of Dean Ellis Emerson
In memory of Lloyd Jr. Emerson

Allan & Patricia Fairman
In loving memory of our son, Randy Douglas Fairman

Thelma Farr
In memory of my husband, Harry and my son, Dan

Gary & Norma Featherstone
In memory of Jack & Marion Weaver
In memory of Lorne & Evelyn Featherstone
In memory of Carol & John Featherstone

Jean Fess

Marie Fess
In memory of Ray Fess

Shirley Fester
In loving memory of Bob Fester

Howard & Corinne Fleming
In memory of our parents

Sandra Flonders

David & Maureen Franklin
Season’s Greetings to Family & Friends

Gail Franklin & Tom Thorne
 In memory of our parents


Sherry Galbraith
In memory of our beloved son/brother John Galbraith. There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t think about you. Love you and miss you so much!

Maria Garcia
In honour of Dr. Darrell K. Baker

Yvonne Gaspari
In memory of Paul Gaspari

Bob & Marilyn Gazley & Family
In memory of our parents, Les & Ann Gazley and Blake & Ruth Gloyd

Christinna Gifford
You’re my shining star, John Galbraith
In memory of Ron & Shirley Gifford, together again.

Phyllis Gifford
In memory of Ralph & Adam Gifford
In memory of Russell & Julia Gifford
In memory of Morley & Janet Chapman

James & Sandra Gill
In memory of Jack & Ruth Gill

Mary Gill
In memory of John Gill

Jack & Pat Glaves
In memory of our loved ones

G. Glaw
In loving memory of my parents, Hubert & Ottilie Sttoffels

Ken & Kathy Glover
In memory of Jack & Marion Weaver
In memory of Lorne & Evelyn Featherstone
In memory of Fred Glover
In memory of Kevin MacNeil
In memory of Chester Glover

Gary & Marlene Grant
Season’s Greetings to Family & Friends

Tom & Gladys Graves

Dianne & Roy Graham

Carol Gray
In memory of Jim & Sherri Gray

John Green
In memory of Marcene, Ruby, Lavena, and Penny Green

Caroline Grenke
In memory of deceased family members

Pat Griffin
In memory of John Griffin
In memory of Joyce McIntee

Dennis & Linda Grimm
In memory of George & Hilda Shirley and Bert & Hazel Grimm

Karen Haalstra
In memory of my Mom & Dad, Anna Mae & Siebo
In memory of Ivan Anderson

Marsha Haalstra
In memory of Siebo, Anna Mae, Paul Haalstra, and Alice Valkema

M. June Hall
In loving memory of W.M Hall

Pauline H. Hall
In memory of James Hall

William Hamilton
In loving memory of Reta Hamilton

Donald & Kathryn Hancock
In memory of Bailey Dawn Hancock

Helen Hare
In memory of Lloyd & Murray
Donna Harkness
Season’s Greetings to family and friends

D & L Harvey
In memory of Margaret Harvey

Erma Harvie
In loving memory of Herb, Paul and Connor

Rhonda Harvie
In memory of Connor Harvie
You were one person in this world, yet you were the world to so many!
Loving you to the moon and back
Mom & Caitlyn

Highway Chapel
To God Be the Glory Great Things He Hath Done

Leon & Betty Hillmer
In memory of Peter Moores

Ann Hoekstra
In memory of Richard Hoekstra

Ed & Marjorie Hoekstra
In memory of Natalie Hoekstra
In memory of Richard Hoekstra

Janice Hoffman
In memory of Bill Hoffman

Carl & Karen Hofstede
In memory of Nick & Anne Hofstede
In memory of Nell Hofstede
In memory of Keith Shoff

Dale & Lynn Holland

In memory of Mille Austin
In memory of Wayne Austin
In memory of Rick Austin-Live to Ride, Ride to Live
In memory of Irene Dashwood
In memory of Doreen Dashwood
In memory of John Broad
In memory of Mary Louise Holland
In memory of Joyce Holland
In memory of Ross Holland
In memory of “Hammer”
In memory of “Sweetcheeks”- miss you lots

Metro & Doris Holodniuk

Craig & Berta Hoover
We are very blessed to have a Hospital like Dunnville’s!

Doreen Hoover
In loving memory of my parents, Mildred (2015) and Earl L. Hoover (1991)
In loving memory of my grandparents,
Julia & George Stadelmaier and Edith & Fred Hoover
In loving memory of my godmothers Rosey Smelser & Mary Masters
Also deeply missed Anita Ujfalussy (2010) & Wilma (Ujfalussy) Radvanski (2008)

Morris & Margaret Hoover

Bob & Bev Hopper
In memory of Robert Springer

George & Nadine Hornibrook
In memory of Bruce & Grace Currie
In memory of Orlin Hornibrook
In memory of Blanche Hornibrook

David & Lynda Hough
In memory of our loved ones

Mary House
In memory of Neal Crumb, Betty Clark, Lou Clark, Jim House, and Jack House

Gordon & Marlene Houser
In memory of Bill, Joyce & Larry Houser, Roy & Madeline Houser, and Jerry Meadows

Judy Houser
In memory of parents, Donald & Jean Shurr
In memory of grandparents, Harold & Emma Shurr

Wayne Houser
In memory of Declan Wayne
Precious grandson, Always in our thoughts and hearts

Lee & Bonnie Huber
In memory of Fay, Muriel & Kevin Messner
In memory of John Huber
In memory of Jeremy Huber

Paige Allison Huggins
In memory of Fred & Margy Allison

Kathy Huit
In memory of Doreen Addison, mother of Richard, Kathy & Susan
In memory of Joanne Huntley, niece and cousin of the Huit Family

Hank & Rolina Hultink
In honour of our Grandchildren


June Inglis
In memory of Bill Inglis
In memory of Elson & Veda Richert
In memory of Peter & Catherine Inglis

Tom & Mona Inglis
In memory of Edith & John Meyer
In memory of Catherine & Peter Inglis

James Irwin & Irene Marr


Louise Johnson

Glen & Janet Johnston
In memory of loved ones

Sharon Johnston


Warren & Cherie Kelley
In loving memory of O.J. (Monte) Pemberton, Jean L. Pemberton, William (Bill) Pemberton, Evelyn G. Norris, Wojciech Pikor, Elizabeth (Betty) Pemberton Root, Dorothy (Pemberton) Parker

Elaine Kelly
In loving memory of parents, Howard & Donna (Porter) Kelly
In loving memory of brothers and sisters, Keith & Rae
In loving memory of infant son, Allan, and infant daughter, Dianne
In honour of grandparents, Arthur & Maud (Overend) Kelly

F. Hill King
In memory of Roy & Mabel Cowell
In memory of Thomas & Blanche King
In memory of Peg Cowell
In memory of Lloyd King
In memory of Gordon King

Thomas H. King
In memory of our parents and grandparents:
Bruce & Doris King; Howard & Stella King

Audrey Kinnear
In memory of Joe Kinnear

Darlene Kitchen
In loving memory of our son, Aaron who was tragically taken from us 20 years ago on February 16, 1997 and his loving girlfriend, Leslie Pomeroy on February 17, 1997.
Forever in our hearts. Still loved and missed.
Love Mom, Dad and sister Rachel and family

Jacqueline Kleniewski
In loving memory of Richard Kleniewski

Konkle Family
We’re Hoping & Praying for Mary

Martha Kostelny
In memory of Milan & Jordan Kostelny

Ross Kriter
In memory of Audrey Kriter and son, Mark

Hermina Kuiper
In memory of Evert



Mr. & Mrs. Michel LaFramboise
In memory of Gordon, Annie, Fred, Gordon Jr., Sherice McIntee, Heather Sharpe, and Jareld VanKuren

Mildred E. Lane
In loving memory of my husband, family and friends

Patricia Lane
In memory of Don Lane, Elsie Potts, Helen King, Curly Kennedy, and Duggie Little

Norma Lang
In memory of Robert Lang

Symen Langeraap & Family
In loving memory of Alice Langeraap

Melvin & Charlotte Langkamer
Season’s Greetings to our family

Toni & Roman Langkamer
In memory of Angus, Rollie, Doug, and Jackie
In memory of Kevin Kriter & Rose Kriter Langkamer

Catharine Lanteigne
In memory of Armand

Keith Lapp
In honour of the Thunderbirds

Teresa Lee
In memory of my husband, Albion Lee

Wayne Lee
In memory of Rhoda & Murray Matthews
from The Family

Arlene & Ken Leech
In memory of Fred Cavers, thanks for the wonderful memories, Dad
In memory of Clara Cavers, gone but not forgotten
Love Ken & Arlene Leech and Family

Charlotte Leeds
In memory of Helen & Vic Leeds

Carol Leggett
In memory of my husband, Gordon Leggett

Anne Lewis
In memory of Cecil Lewis, Agnes Anger, Jenny Wilmore, Florence Camelford, Marg Kaufman, Lil Akens, and Betty Frost

Larry & Leona Link
In loving memory of our parents, Kurt Langkamer & Rose Langkamer/Kriter
and Jacob & Dorothy Link
Remembered dear friends, Dan Franklin and Frank Traver

Kathy & Daryl Lint
In memory of Steve Hyatt
In memory of Kevin Mustard
In memory of Jeff Dodgson

Sheldon & Jean Lint
In loving memory of our son, Dwight Lint
In loving memory of our dear aunt, Blanche Hornibrook

Gordon & Nina Little
In loving memory of Sharon Little

Sharon Little & Family
In memory of Carson Little and Bill & Pauline Long

Fred Topp & Family
In loving memory of Heather Topp

Elizabeth Loggie
In memory of my dear grandmother, Della Ballard and my beloved dad (husband) Al Loggie.

William Lorenz
In memory of Frances Lorenz

Jim & Wilma Louks
In memory of grandson, Jason Louks

Lowbanks Firefighters Station #7
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Thanks for your support!

Lori Lymburner
In memory of Kenneth E. Jones and Beatrice Jones- Kirstein

Edward & Beverley Maciuk
In memory of our parents, Peter & Doris Maciuk and James & Ruth Drinkwater

Gord & Sue Mackie
Merry Christmas

Dave Mallory
In memory of Sandra and Shaun

V. Mariniello
In memory of my husband, Francesco Mariniello
In memory of Ethelinne Sanko
In memory of Mr. Mageran

George & Ruth Marr
In memory of Family & Friends

Jennifer Mason
In memory of two great fathers! Bill (William) Mageran & Wayne Mason

Marilyn & Chris Mast
Season’s Greetings

Lois Matheson
In loving memory of Walt Matheson
In memory of deceased Mino family

Tammy Matheson
In memory of Walter Matheson

Robert K. Matthews
In memory of the Adams and Matthews Family

Emrick & Doreen Mazi
In memory of our daughter, Judy Busse
In memory of our parents, Loyal & Evelyn Coyne and Joe & Anna Mazi

Wade McAloman
In memory of my dad, Wayne McAloman

Alma McDaniel
In memory of Lloyd McDaniel, Beverly & Wayne McDaniel, and David & Marjorie Dickson

Dennis & Ruth McDonald
In memory of our grandson, Constable Joe Mellen

Norma McIntee
In memory of Leonard & Glen McIntee

Edna McKay
In memory of Grace & Arthur Tamplin
In memory of Russell McKay Sr.
In memory of Amanda & Hartford Foster

John & Connie McKay
In memory of Wendy & Tad, missing you both
In memory of Marg & Ed Kernin

Paul McLellan
In loving memory of my late wife, Donna

Shirley Meadows
In memory of Carl Meadows

Brian & Linda Mellen
In memory of Grant & Helen Temple
In memory of Joeseph Mellen
In memory of Dorothy & Clare Kindy
In honour of our children, Jeff Mellen and Heather & Dan Egerter
In honour of our grandchildren, Chloe Mellen and Henry Egerter

Francis Miller
In memory of Keith Miller
In memory of Rick Austin
Merry Christmas to Miller & Sheldrake families

Barb Millett
In memory of Larry Millett

Tim & Susan Milligan

John & Marilyn Mills
In memory of loved ones

Dan Minor & Sons Inc.
In memory of Judy Rothermond

Wray & Dorothy Minor
In memory of our loved ones

Frank Minor

David Mitchell
In memory of Doris Alexander and Bryon Jackson

Bonnie Moerschfelder
In memory of Alfred Ricker, Marlene Hall, Harley Hall
Love Brian, Mark & Brenda, John & Bonnie and Families

Valerie Montani

Drew Moody
In loving memory of Bill Moody

David & Phyllis Mullins

Jack & Sandra Murphy
In memory of Mike Villeneauve and Beverley Cowell

Margaret Murphy
In memory of Dennis Murphy

Monroe & Shirley Murphy
In memory of loved ones


Gerald & Carol Nagel
In memory of family members

Uta Natte
In memory of my beloved husband, Joop Natte
In memory of my parents, Kurt & Annita Spiller
In memory of my parents-in-law, Gerrit & Ecca Natte
In memory of my friend, Marguerite Lucas

Angela Nixon
In memory of Barry Huit, love the family

Ken & Donna Noseworthy
In memory of Beatrice Way

Wayne Nyomtato
In memory of Frank Nyomtato Sr., Mary Nyomtato Sr., Frank Nyomtato Jr., Matyas Uzelman Sr., Mary Uzelman, Matyas Uzelman Jr., Joseph Uzelman, Anna Uzelman, Leonard R. James, Gertrude A. James, Pearl Warbick, Eileen Rowbottom, Margaret Vida, Peter Vida, Nancy Vida


Darlene Oakes
In memory of Albert & June Fraser
In memory of Ernest C. Dilse
In memory of Ross Oakes

Wynifred Overend & Family
In memory of Glen Overend

Ken & Rhonda Oxley


Robert Paisley
In memory of Betty Paisley
In memory of Robert & Gladys Paisley
In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Dewey Smith
In memory of Mitch Taite

Joanne Paltridge
In memory of Jennifer Pearson

Joyce Parker

Lawrence & Marcia Passmore
Merry Christmas!

Peter’s Small Engine Rental Centre

Roberta, Marianne & Susanne Petricevic
In loving memory of Carl & Craig Petricevic, Lorne & Mary Fortman, and Shirley Field

Tom Pettigrew
In memory of my parents, Bert & Doris Pettigrew

Douglas & Candy Pew
In memory of Phil & Billy Skill

Debbie Phelps
In memory of Zenaida and Kazimierz Rogowski and Wanda Watson

Betty L. Phillips
In memory of the Phillips family
In memory of the Cowell family

Pielechaty Farms
In memory of Peter Pielechaty

Larry & Margaret Pitts
In memory of our Parents and Grandparents

Linda & Dan Pitts
In loving memory of our parents, Ted & Donna Pitts
In loving memory of our parents, Isaac & Mary Enns

Jack & Elizabeth Postma
In memory of Joseph & Anna Mazi
In memory of Tjitze & Grietje Postma

Eleanor J. Proctor

Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Cornelia Pyle
In memory of Glee & Whitney Pyle and Hank & Annie Barleeus



Jack Ranger & Betty Young
In memory of Sharon Ranger
In memory of George Young

Janet & Thomas Reilly
In memory of Peter Biason
In memory of Mary Reilly
In memory of Sydney Girling

Denise Richardson
In memory of Bruce Shirton
Love Denise, Jason & Brant

Grant & Dorothy Richardson

Keith & Edna Richardson & Family
In memory of Cameron & Tena Richardson
In memory of Bertha Passingham
In memory of our dear parents

Lloyd Richardson
In honour of family & friends

Mildred Richert
In memory of husband Lloyd, Elson & Veda Richert, D’Arcy & Percie Hare, Brothers, Sisters, and in-laws

Rhys Richert
In memory of Herman & Dorothy Richert

Linda Ricker
In memory of Reta Hamilton & George Bridgett

Frederika Riemer
In loving memory of my beloved husband, Sid Reimer and my dear daughter, Jane Riemer

Sharon Rigby
In memory of Randall Rugby
In memory of Doug Bartlett
In memory of Ron Inch

Rosslyn Robertson
In memory of George & Catherine Robertson

Murray & Phyllis Robins
In loving memory of our daughter, Tracy Lynn Robins
Always loved and remembered

Sharon Robinson
In memory of Reta & Fred Leslie
In memory of Nelson Robinson
In memory of Arnold Leslie

Patrick & Kelly Robson
In memory of Shirley & Jim Robertson
In memory of Jessie Ross
In memory of Roger Robson

Harold & Yola Rose
In memory of friends and family

Robert Ross
In loving memory of Doreen

Jamie Roth & Cory Hopper
In memory of our mom, Susan Roth

Bill & Cathie Rounce
In memory of Ralph & Lydia Rounce
In memory of Al & Beth Bognar

Margaret Ruigrok
In loving memory of my husband, Frank


Jim & Mary Schuit
In memory of Jack & Rosemary Cotter
In memory of John Schuit

Howard & Marilyn Schwanz
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to family and friends

South Cayuga Community Church Women

Dale & Phyllis Sensabaugh
In memory of Donald Caughell
In memory of George & Beulah Sensabaugh

Ira Sherk
In memory of Connie Sherk

Lillian Sherk
In memory of Harold Sherk & Connie Sherk

Shirley Ann Shipperbottom
In memory of Bruce

Dave & Wanda Shirton
Welcome to our first grandson, Oaklan
Happy New Year to Keith & Janet Shirton

Keith and Janet Shirton
In honour of the wonderful staff at Edgewater Gardens

Velma Shirton
In memory of Bruce Shirton

Laureanne Shoff
Thank you to my friends for their love and support

Bill & Lynn Schuur
In loving memory of deceased members of the Dunham family

Dave Siemens
In memory of mothers, Ella Putman and Agatha Siemens

Douglas & Catherine Simmons
In memory of Bruce & Dorothy Caughell

Carole & Gary Simpson
In memory of Ronald F. Simpson, Arnold & Rita Brewer, and Lee Biagioni

Kevin Smith & Ella Allen
In loving memory of Cecillia Schrama and Lloyd & Joyce Smith

Randy & Pat Smith
In loving memory of Alice Schram
In loving memory of Lloyd & Joyce Smith
Merry Christmas to our friends, family and neighbours, past and present

Bob Sorge
In memory of Ern & Rhea Topp
In memory of Carman & Ruby Sorge

Lorne & Donna Sorge
In memory of our parents: Lloyd & Nellie Shepherd and Carman & Ruby Sorge
In memory of our brothers: Munro Sorge, Bill Sorge and Jim Sorge
In memory of our brother-in-law Sheldon Meadows, and our sister-in-law Madeline Sorge, Gail Sorge, Darlene Sorge and Colleen Sorge

Raymond Sorge
In loving memory of my wife, Madeline and our children, Debbie and Marty

Norine Souter
In memory of Marshall Souter

Jodi Springer
In memory of Bob Springer- Love Jodi, Tyler & Chad

Louis & Terri Springer
In memory of Bob Springer

Earl Stadder
In memory of family and friends who have passed away

Bev Stanley
In memory of Gordon Stanley
In memory of Barb King
In memory of Beatrice & Alfred Stanley

Don & Irene Steinman & Family
In memory of family and friends, past and present
In memory of Audrey Barry

Jean Stengel
In memory of Earl Stengel, Menno & Gertrude Stengel

Joan Sutor
In memory of my parents Walter & Emma Rohrboch
In memory of cousin Gladys Nagel

Thelma Sutor
In memory of my husband, Donald Sutor
In memory of Lloyd & Thelma Sutor

Kay Swayze
In memory of Glen & Dorothy
In memory of Clayton & Gladys
In memory of Bill & Gloria
In memory of Norma
In memory of Rhonda

Stanley & Sharlain Swayze
In memory of our parents

Sharon Sykes
In memory of Jack Sykes


Floyd & Ethel Tapp
In memory of family and friends

Thora Anne Taylor
In memory of Derek Taylor
In memory of Thora & Stewart Austin
In memory of Reverend Fred & John Austin
In memory of Francois

Pete & Helen Tiersma
In memory of dear son, Anthony Tiersma

Ted & Karen Tilstra
In memory of Stacey Horinga
In memory of Glen Tilstra Sr.

Jerry & Marianne Tinney
In loving memory of Don & Dorothy Robinson and Garnet Tinney

Alvin & Robin Topp
In memory of Neil & Jean Moerschfelder & loved ones


John Upshall & Ruth Swan
In memory of our parents


Geraldine Vaivil
In memory of Charlie

Helen & Wayne Vallee
In memory of our family members
In memory of Albert & June
In memory of Peg & Gene

Peter & Joy Vandervlist
In memory of loved ones
Merry Christmas to friends and family

Chris Verleun
In loving memory of Heather

Nancy Voakes
In memory of my parents, brothers, husband Wayne, and son Tim

Ken & Helene Vollick
In memory of family and friends passed away


Bruce & Peggy Wallace
In memory of our veterans

Douglas & Linda Weylie
In loving memory of Dr. D. Ralph & Evelyn Weylie

G. Widerick
In memory of Ellen & Ken Pyle

Rachel Williams
In loving memory of Barbara Coulombe and Aubrey Williams

Doug & Bev Wilson
In memory of Bruce & Grace King

Garnet Wilson
In memory of Gord Wilson

Rhoda Wolff
In memory of Rudy Wolff, husband & stepfather

Alan & Solange Woronchak
In memory of Lėonard & Cecile Philippe
In memory of Peter & Anne Woronchak
In memory of John-Micheal Martin

James & Shirley Worrall
In honour of our 17 grandchildren




Willy Zantingh
In memory of my husband, Richard