Trees of Hope

Trees of Hope

Buy a light, string of lights or star to support local healthcare!

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Purchase a light, string of lights or star to help light up Dunnville Hospital & Healthcare Foundation’s Trees of Hope, which surround the outside of the Haldimand War Memorial Hospital. The Trees of Hope Campaign is the perfect way to commemorate an event, anniversary, milestone, birthday or memory of a friend or loved one. Proceeds from this campaign support our ‘Every Moment Counts’ Campaign for a new Emergency Department at HWMH.

Every gift will be acknowledged in The Sachem at the end of the campaign, as well as on our website,, unless stated to remain anonymous.

“There is no finer gift than one that offers health and hope for those in need.”

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Every gift will be acknowledged in The Sachem at the end of the campaign and below, unless stated to remain anonymous.

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Anonymous x9

Carol Alder
In memory of Russel N. Crisp and Erma Crisp Soper

Barbara Arner
In memory of Erva Speight
In memory of Lawrence Speight
In memory of Gordon Armer

Sandra & Ray Arnold
In memory of Bob Arnold

George & Donna Asher
In memory of Merl & Gladys Keeley
In memory of William & Erie Asher
In memory of Infant Grandson, Zachary Asher

Sheila Barlow
In memory of Donald Barlow

Tom Barnes
In memory of my wife, Annie
In memory of my sister’s Janet & Jo-Anne and brother, Dale

Charles & Vivien Bennett
In memory of Clyde Brooks & Mary Stevenson

John Bittman
In loving memory of Sylvia Bittman

Elizabeth Blake
In memory of John & Verna Fraser, Milo McIntee, Freda Wile, and Kevin Mustard

Marg Booker
In loving memory of Mr. & Mrs. Walter & Madeline Gifford
In loving memory of Mr. Peter Rowe

Dennis Boyko

Paul & Nellie Boyko

Harold Buck
In memory of Tom Graham, Ruth Graham, Laura Buck, Eva Buck, Loraine Buck, Mark Lambert, Marie Lambert, Eddie Lambert, Bill Everetts, and Buelah Everetts


Mary Caughell
In memory of my loving husband, Donald Caughell

Dave Cowan
In loving memory of Barbara Cowan
In memory of Robert & Hazel Cowan
In memory of Don & Mabel Baker

Calvin & Connie Crumb
In memory of Christine Elizabeth Crumb
In memory of Hugh Douglas Robins
In memory of Helen Marie Robins-Briggs

Kathleen Culp
In memory of Rob Culp Sr., a loving Husband, Father, and Grandpa


Paulette Davies
Nothing Last Forever
Precious Moments- Special Times

Jim & Nelly DeKlerk

Lois Douglas
In memory of Raymond Douglas

Dunnville Optimist Club
Merry Christmas

Ian Durand
In memory of Dickens


Dale & Cheryl Egger
In memory of Barb Cowan

Keith & Sandra Egger
In honour of our grandchildren who bring us so much pride and joy

Thelma Farr
In memory of my husband, Harry and my son, Dan

Gary & Norma Featherstone
In memory of Jack & Marion Weaver
In memory of Lorne & Evelyn Featherstone
In memory of Carol & John Featherstone

Howard & Corinne Fleming
In memory of our parents

David & Maureen Franklin
Season’s Greetings To Family & Friends

Gail Franklin & Tom Thorne
 In memory of our parents


Tom & Gladys Graves

Carol Gray
In memory of Jim & Sherri Gray

Karen Haalstra
In memory of my Mom & Dad, Anna Mae & Siebo
In memory of Ivan Anderson

Marsha Haalstra
In memory of Siebo, Anna Mae, Paul Haalstra, and Alice Valkema

William Hamilton
In loving memory of Reta Hamilton

Erma Harvie
In loving memory of Herb, Paul and Connor

Helen Hare
In memory of Lloyd & Murray

Bob & Bev Hopper
In memory of Robert Springer

Mary House
In memory of Neal Crumb, Betty Clark, Lou Clark, Jim House, and Jack House


Tom & Mona Inglis
In memory of Edith & John Meyer
In memory of Catherine & Peter Inglis


George & Martha Jackson
In memory of our loved ones


Elaine Kelly
In loving memory of parents, Howard & Donna (Porter) Kelly
In loving memory of brothers and sisters, Keith & Rae
In loving memory of infant son, Allan, and infant daughter, Dianne
In honour of grandparents, Arthur & Maud (Overend) Kelly

Thomas H. King
In memory of our parents and grandparents:
Bruce & Doris King; Howard & Stella King

Martha Kostelny
In memory of Milan & Jordan Kostelny

Anne Lewis
In memory of Cecil Lewis, Agnes Anger, Jenny Wilmore, Florence Camelford, Marg Kaufman, Lil Akens, and Betty Frost

Larry & Leona Link
In memory of our parents, Kurt Langkamer & Rose Langkamer/Kriter
and Jacob & Dorothy Link
Remembered dear friends, Dan Franklin and Frank Traver

George & Ruth Marr
In memory of Family & Friends

Jennifer Mason
In memory of two great fathers! Bill (William) Mageran & Wayne Mason

Marilyn Mast
Season’s Greeting

Robert K. Matthews
In memory of the Adams and Matthews Family

Shirley Meadows
In memory of Carl Meadows

Brian & Linda Mellen
In memory of Grant & Helen Temple
In memory of Joeseph Mellen
In memory of Dorothy & Clare Kindy
In honour of our children, Jeff Mellen and Heather & Dan Egerter
In honour of our grandchildren, Chloe Mellen and Henry Egerter

Dan Minor & Sons Inc.
In memory of Judy Rothermond

Valerie Montani

David & Phyllis Mullins


Uta Natte
In memory of my beloved husband, Joop Natte
In memory of my parents, Kurt & Anita Spiller
In memory of my parents-in-law, Gerrit & Ecca Natte
In memory of my friend, Marguerite Lucas

Wayne Nyomtato
In memory of Frank Nyomtato Sr., Mary Nyomtato Sr., Frank Nyomtato Jr., Matyas Uzelman Sr., Mary Uzelman, Matyas Uzelman Jr., Joseph Uzelman, Anna Uzelman, Leonard R. James, Gertrude A. James, Pearl Warbick, Eileen Rowbottom, Margaret Vida, Peter Vida, Nancy Vida


Darlene Oakes
In memory of Albert & June Fraser
In memory of Ernest C. Dilse
In memory of Ross Oakes


Joanna Paltridge
In memory of Jennifer Pearson

Peter’s Small Engine Rental Centre

Betty L. Phillips
In memory of the Phillips family
In memory of the Cowell family



Denise Richardson
In memory of Bruce Shirton. Love Denise, Jason & Brant

Rhys Richert
In memory of Herman & Dorothy Richert

Linda Ricker
In memory of Reta Hamilton & George Bridgett

Sharon Rigby
In memory of Randall Rugby
In memory of Doug Bartlett
In memory of Ron Inch

Harold & Yola Rose
In memory of friends and family


Howard & Marilyn Schwanz
Merry Christmas & Happy New Years to family and friends

South Cayuga Community Church Women

Lillian Sherk
In memory of Harold Sherk & Connie Sherk

Shirley Ann Shipperbottom
In memory of Bruce

Dave Siemens
In memory of mothers, Ella Putman and Agatha Siemens

Raymond Sorge
In loving memory of my wife, Madeline and our children, Debbie and Marty

Norine Souter
In memory of Marshall Souter

Jean Stengel
In memory of Earl Stengel, Menno & Gertrude Stengel

Thelma Sutor
In memory of my husband, Donald Sutor
In memory of Lloyd & Thelma Sutor

Kay Swayze
In memory of Glen & Dorothy
In memory of Clayton & Gladys
In memory of Bill & Gloria
In memory of Norma
In memory of Rhonda

Stanley & Sharlain Swayze
In memory of our parents

Sharon Sykes
In memory of Jack Sykes


Thora Anne Taylor
In memory of Derek Taylor



Nancy Voakes
In memory of my parents, brothers, husband Wayne, and son Tim

Ken & Helene Vollick
In memory of family and friends passed away

Rachel Williams
In loving memory of Barbara Coulombe