Your Donations at Work

Your Donations at Work


You are the corner stone of our success; it is only with your support that the Dunnville Hospital & Healthcare Foundation has been successful in securing the state-of-the-art healthcare services our community can enjoy.

In partnership with our community, your Foundation embarked on a $1.6 million, “Back the C.A.T.” campaign, to fund Haldimand County’s first CT scanner in February 2012. This advanced diagnostic equipment has been operating at Haldimand War Memorial Hospital for over three years and has ensured a positive difference towards patient care in our community.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


There are many benefits of having a CT scanner in our community. It has drastically changed diagnostics by providing highly detailed images of inside the body, allowing medical teams to find diseases that in the past, could often only be found during exploratory surgery. CT scans are completely non-invasive, quick and safe. They also help rule out serious diseases, reassure patients and allow doctors to confidently send patients home.


In the calendar year of 2016, 3,364 CT scans were performed at Haldimand War Memorial Hospital. Our CT scanner has an average wait time of 12 days, which is measured from the order received at booking clerical to the date the scan is performed. Our wait time is the shortest of all our Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant (HNHB) Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) partners, with the longest wait time being an average of 78 days.

Dr. Jeffrey Remington, Chief of Emergency helpfully shared his perspective saying, “The availability of the CT scanner at HWMH has made a great difference in the level and quality of care we can provide to patients presenting to our ER with a wide variety of worrisome symptoms, like head injury and abdominal pain.”

Before the CT scanner, all patients were sent by ambulance to neighbouring hospitals to get a CT scan, which took much more time and used substantial nursing and EMS ambulance resources. Now, HWMH medical teams can use the CT scanner on-site and only send certain patients to larger facilities for specific diagnostic care. That being said, Dr. Remington states, “Our CT scanner has become much more than a convenience—it is an essential diagnostic tool. As a small rural hospital, we are extremely fortunate to have the community support for this machine and the staff that operate it.”


Thank you to the generous support of our individual donors, local business and community groups that contributed to the “Back the C.A.T.” campaign. Thank you for investing in technology to equip our medical teams with the vital tools they need. We are very grateful to have a CT scanner in Diagnostic Imaging at Haldimand War Memorial Hospital and are thrilled to share the difference your donations have made to healthcare in our community.

Thank you to all who have loyally supported our capital campaigns.

Stay updated on our current 'Growing Bigger & Better Together' campaign, bringing a new Emergency Department to Haldimand War Memorial Hospital.


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